‘I want people to see from a different angle…’

Observer Design: Graphic designer Mirko Borsche has stamped his style on everything from Nike to the newspapers. Here he explains why print will survive, how ugly lines work and why he's destined to fail… “It’s just about big balls. Very simple. We are working in an industry where the marketing department gives the lead to … Continue reading ‘I want people to see from a different angle…’

Dream team

Wallpaper*: A crack design squad tackle wish-list commissions at Benchmark… Benchmark Legacy Project for LDF As we arrive at Benchmark Furniture’s Berkshire HQ, we interrupt a breakaway meeting, called to discuss the issue of a troublesome hinge – part of an elegant design for a portable lectern drawn up by Raw Edges (aka Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay) forIwona … Continue reading Dream team

Getting to the point with Martin Creed

Hole & Corner: An unedited conversation with the Turner Prize-winning artist… A faithful, verbatim reproduction of the artist's telephone conversation with editor Mark Hooper – with every ‘um’, ‘ah’, stutter and repetition included. Proof that commitment to absolute truth is nonsensical, that freedom is overrated… or something else entirely? You decide: happy reading! Hi, Hi? … Continue reading Getting to the point with Martin Creed